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Févri-Art returns February 1, 2023

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

It's that time of year again! Le Conseil des arts de la Baie is proud to present the 2023 edition of Févri-Art 2023! Here's how to participate:

Create it! From February 1 to 28, you're invited to produce a work of art of your choice, such as a drawing, a poem or a song. Make a work of art every day, every week or when the mood strikes.

Capture it! Take a photo, a scan or a video of your artwork.

Share it! Visit the Févri-Art 2023 group on Facebook ( to share your creation online with our community of artists of all levels. Happy Févri-Art 2023!

Févri-Art is an initiative by le Conseil des Arts de la Baie.



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