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Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors plays an essential role in the organization and development of Clare’s visual arts community.

Le CAB holds 10 regular meetings per year, as well as an Annual General Meeting, at the Office of the Municipality of Clare (1185 Highway 1, Little Brook). Dates and times are announced by e-mail as well as on Le CAB's Facebook page.

While these meetings are held in French, we offer silmultaneous translation to non-French-speaking members. Please bring a pair of headphones. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Members of the Executive

Lalie Douglas

Executive Director


Dany Sheehy



Véronique Hogan
Vice President

Marcel Saulnier


Amy Paradis


Board Members

Alvina LeBlanc

Denise Comeau

Diane Nadon

Jan Swaren

Jocelyne Comeau

Joline Comeau

Margaret Jeddry

Nesime Askin

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